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SUNTUNE is a digital advertising display manufacturer. Our products cover interactive touch displays, DOOH media displays, self service terminals, touch screen kiosks, and video walls.

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Smart City Outdoor

Key features: High brightness (1500-3000 nits), Auto-light sensor, Waterproof, Vandal-proof, Dustproof, Anti-glare, Anti-electromagnetic, Protective with 6-8 mm tempered glass and 1.2+ mm galvanized metal plate. SUNTUNE has well-equipped factory facilities and quality control systems. We have CNC and molding machines and a high-end design team, which guarantee us able to provide OEM and ODM services for both domestic and world-wide.

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Self Service Machines

Self service machines are the all-in-one device with touch screen, computer, camera, QR scanner, fingerprint reader, receipt printer, and industrial control system, mostly applied as food ordering kiosk, ticket printing kiosk, retail vending machine, automatic reaction machine, hotel self check in, feedback terminal, etc. Kinds of self service machines are optional with more than 200 designs by SUNTUNE. Individual customization is welcome.

Touch Screen Kiosk

Touch screen kiosk is labelled as digital display indoor, which includes floor standing display, wall mount display, table display, mirror display, transparent display, and whiteboard. Compared with outdoor displays, the indoor displays don’t have to be waterproof or with high brightness, hence they don’t have to be proceeded with much customization, which means their designs are standardized, with fewer options.

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LCD Video Walls

DID units support multi signals such as DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, VGA, S-Video, RGB, BNC, and YpbPr. With peripheral controller, signals can play splicing, splitting, roaming, windowing, PIP (picture in picture) as settings go. With advanced processor, LCD video walls can run 24 hours uninterrupted. No damage or distortion to images, and an ideal option for indoor monitoring, security, conference, studios and control rooms.

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LED Video Walls

LED video wall is a super large screen integrated with multi LED panels and PPU (Peripheral Processor Units). Signals can play roaming, windowing, PIP (picture in picture) as settings go. It’s an outstanding display among the current options, known for its super large, brigthness, longevity, and stability. LED displays by SUNTUNE include transparent led, outdoor led, mobile led, stage led, mini led, etc.



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dooh advertising media display

DOOH media growing faster with 5G commercialization

5G is a momentum for advertising media players, which has successfully drawn the attention from global advertisers. Then what can 5G do for DOOH media? How do we media owners survive at such a challenge time? It's a topic worthy to discuss a…
touch screen order system restaurant

What can restaurant ordering machine do for future catering industry?

Last September an unmanned restaurant named Chongqing Noodle was opened in Shenzhen. It aroused a wide concern because it reminded people of Eatsa, the first global unmanned restaurant in Los Angeles, which is said running unwell currently.…
self-service vending machine

Self service machine fully upgraded for better performance

5G and IoT bring out multiple new technologies, while more and more manual work is replaced with smart devices. Most of them can be seen in banks, shops, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and government administrations. The trend seems intensified…

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